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Able Australia s a long-standing non-profit organisation that provides services to people living with multiple disabilities including deafblindness.

Our vision is to create a community where the people we support are seen, heard, respected, valued and connected. We reach out to people living with multiple disabilities, helping them achieve a quality of life that anyone in the community might expect and a feeling of worth, belonging and self-fulfilment.

Able Australia provides services in Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory; and is actively seeking to expand into other states and territories. We receive funding from both the Government and from the private and corporate sectors through various fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

Able Australia began over 40 years ago following an outbreak of rubella that caused children to be born with multi-sensory disabilities.

Our people are enthusiastic and passionate about achieving excellent results and making a difference to the lives of the people in the community who need it the most.

Able Australia was formerly known as The Deafblind Association. Our new name was launched on 8 November 2006 by Federal Treasurer Peter Costello at Federation Square.


Click below to view Able Australia's commemorative booklet celebrating its 40th year serving people with multiple disabilities including deafblindness. Learn the history of the organisation, read some inspiring stories about the people we support, and learn more about the services Able Australia provides.