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Able Day In The Sky


Proudly supported by

The Royal Victorian Aero Club



The weather turned out a hot day 37 degrees but that didn’t stop us from flying around the beautiful suburbs and beaches of Melbourne.Thirty nine Deafblind people plus friends and family and volunteers attended this special Christmas gathering event – Able Day in the Sky at the Royal Victorian Aero Club, Moorabbin Airport on Saturday 8 December 2012.

For some Deafblind people it was their first time flying and were really looking forward to the experience of flying up and up to feel what it is like.  One person even said she has been waiting to experience flying. Now finally she has and was thrilled!

Deafblind people who came off the plane after a 20 minutes flight were all smiling and mentioned  they really enjoy feeling the roar, the turbulence due to winds and feeling smooth flying depending on the wind changes.  Even 76 years old Deafblind woman had a go as being the pilot. They certainly enjoyed it very much and many have asked “Can we go again next year?”

Thanks to the wonderful pilots and ground crew from the Royal Victorian Aero Club who gave up their time to fly us around and explained where we were and much more. Also thank you to the  interpreters and volunteers who went on the flight with the Deafblind people. I heard that a few who had nausea battled to survive but one volunteer actually vomited. Oh poor thing!

Another experience was riding in a military jeep.  No one has ever been in one before. One funny story one,  Jo Porter who had a long dress and she was struggling to pull her dress together  to get up on to the jeep.  What a laugh.  The Aircraft museum was interesting seeing and feeling the old planes.  We thank Graham Malcolm for allowing us to wonder through the exhibit free of charge.

Big thanks to Jan and Antoinette who did a wonderful job on preparing for the food and sweets. They were so delicious. Great Master Chefs!

A big thank you to Gary Daly who did a wonderful job organizing this event and working with Jan, Antoinette, the pilots, ground crew and me to.

Here are the quotes from the Deafblind people on that day;

“Thank you to Able Day in the Sky.  I enjoyed it as I was pilot for 10 minutes.  Lovely views and is the best day of my life”  Joanne Porter

“Oh thanks to Fiona Goldab who encouraged me to attend this event!  I had a great day and wow what an experience.  Thanks to Able Australia staff, pilots and the committees for organizing this event.” Joe Montelone

“Saturday was really fun and I really enjoyed the plane ride. My pilot was really good and understands how to deal with people who are Deaf and Hard of hearing, His brother is Deaf and the pilot was fantastic!” Alex Sar


“I just wanted to say well done for last Saturday. What a memorable experience everyone had. It was perfect and smooth. Thanks for your hard work and organisation” Volunteer -  Bindhu Mattathill


RVAC Treasurer & Director – Michael Ralph,  Able Volunteer & Concept Coordinator, Jan Flude,  Able Australia Events Coordinator – Gary Daly, Able Volunteer & Catering Coordinator  -  Antoinette Puzzolo,  State Member for Carrum - Donna Bauer &  RVAC President - Stuart Rushton


Special thanks to our Santa Volunteer - Victoria Edwards!!