Donate your old smartphone

Duncan Armstrong
19 June 2015

Did you know that you can help a person with deafblindness to better communicate with the world around them just by donating your old smartphone*?

As part of Deafblind Awareness Week (20-27 June), Olympic gold medalist, Duncan Armstrong is calling on the community to donate their unwanted smartphones* to Able Australia's Ablelink program. 

"I have a son who has a disability.  He has been a massive inspiration to me.  Anything I can do to get the community to support people in the world of deafblindness I will do.  I have seen firsthand the remarkable and passionate work being done by Able Australia," said Duncan.

Almost 300,000 Australians currently experience deafblindness - a number that is expected to exceed one million by 2050. Without access to communication support, people with deafblindness are at risk of social isolation and depression.  It is now estimated 9 out of 10 people who are deafblind, experience depression and anxiety.  

Through our Ablelink program, we can use unwanted smartphones* to train people with deafblindness in how to use this technology to independently communicate with their family, friends and the community around them. Using Bluetooth technology, smartphones* can be connected to a Braille reader, opening up a whole new world of information for people.

How you can help

As part of Deafblind Awareness Week, we are inviting you to send us your unwanted smartphones* until 31 July. 

To donate, simply download the reply paid mailing label here, attach it to an envelope and enclose your unwanted smartphone*. Our project partners, MobileMuster will generously cover the postage costs and their recycling partner TES-AMM Australia will ensure the data is fully wiped. Any donated phones that are found to be unusable will be recycled.

To learn more about how this technology can help someone with deafblindness, click here or go here to find out how you can support our current Ablelink fundraising campaign. 

*Ideally iPhone 4 and above, Samsung Galaxy S4 and above, LG Nexus 7 and above and Nokia Lumier 540 and above. Phones should be operational and be in good condition (no cracked screens).

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