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Peter Hitchener

The Art of Melbourne


2013 Archibald Prize entry by Alex Sar

Alex is part of the Art Therapy Program with Able Australia.

The picture is of Alex, Ellen and Peter in the Art Room at Able East on the day that Peter saw the finished painting. He said “Oh my, it’s me” with a smile on his face.

Peter “sat” for Alex on 2 separate occasions so that Alex could best understand the contours of Peters face and shoulders and over a 2 month period he created this amazing painting.

A big thank you goes to Ellen Michel for her assistance to Alex in developing from scratch the concept for him to work on.

The painting goes to Sydney for judging on Monday 4 March so we will keep you informed as to how it all goes.

Well done and congratulations Alex!

Alex doing the final touches with the braille strips that say; A portrait of Peter Hitchener