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Operating across Victoria, Tasmania and ACT, Able Living comprises group homes, supported living, outreach and in-home support programs.

Able Living provides high quality, person-centred and individualised support for people with a diverse range of disabilities. Our flexible, highly skilled staff ensure that each person develops their full potential and experiences a quality of life that is equal to the expectations of any person in the community.


Feeling at Home
Able Living provides individuals with everyday life experiences and a personal approach to home living. All residents have individual programs that support the development of personal communication and language skills, training in social and independent living, behavioural management and lifestyle choices.

Support includes attending to all personal and independent living needs on a 24 hour basis, 7 days a week. Individuals are encouraged to maintain relationships with their families as much as possible and to live independently.

Able Living has specialist skills in sign language and adapted communication aids for people with sensory impairments or communication difficulty.

Enquiries are accepted from all sources including self-referral, carers and community organisations.