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Able Australia deafblind services specialises in working with those people in the community living with dual sensory loss or deafblindness. Our services include:

Case management
Case managers provide support for individuals and their families to access advice, information, resources, advocacy, referrals and establish links with the greater community.

Communication skills development
We work to develop communication systems that best suit the needs of each individual. Communication methods include basic Auslan signs, deafblind finger spelling, tactile signing, print on palm and Braille.

Community education
We raise awareness of the issues surrounding deafblindness within the community and seek additional funding for improved equipment and services.

Behaviour management
Helping individuals with behaviours of concern to achieve increased independence and greater participation and connection with the wider community.

A psychology and support service enabling individuals and their support to work together. 

Individual support
Independence and community inclusion for individuals is encouraged by providing support with everyday needs such as shopping, banking, recreational leisure activities and attending appointments.

Recreation programs
Recreational activities are organised on a group basis, and include: BBQs, ten pin bowling competitions, holiday camps, Saturday social clubs, and more.