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Able Australia appreciates the many challenges faced by carers and the demanding role of providing daily support for people with disabilities. For many carers, this is a full time job. Able Australia respite provides ‘time out’ for both the individual being supported and the carer.

Respite details:

  • Able Respite is available to people aged 6 – 64 years, who rely on the daily support of another person.
  • An experienced respite worker can be provided within the person’s home, in a community based setting or at our seaside respite/holiday.
  • The frequency and duration of respite provided is tailored to the needs of the individual and their carers.
  • Able Respite is responsive to individual needs and aims to provide a quality experience for both the carer and the person requiring support. The service is flexible and operates throughout the year.
  • Any person or organisation can make a referral. A fee is charged for respite services.

Able facility based respite service
Able Australia established a five bed intensive facility based respite service in Dandenong North in 2010. The project targets young people with an intellectual disability and/or autism and behaviours of concern, aged between 12 and 18 years, on weekends and school holidays.

The intent of this service is the provision of high quality, regular and planned respite support focused on supporting the child with a disability to remain with their family, and enabling the child to experience respite in a homely environment that ensures the young person's right to safety, stability and development.

Staff will provide positive behavioural management and support to this group based on robust individualised planning. Comprehensive behaviour support plans will be developed and maintained for each individual. Behaviour Support Plans will be relevant to respite and home settings.

Referrals to this service should be made through Disability Intake and Response, Commonwealth Respite and Care Centre and/or a Community Service Organisation. Self-referrals are also accepted and should be made to the Able Respite Manager.

Any further queries regarding this service please contact Romi Tariq, Able Australia Respite Manager, on
1300 225 369.