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“After my stroke, the loss of independence was the hardest part.
Living on my own again is my ultimate goal. After 7 years, I’m almost there.”
Karen, Able Australia client

Please donate to ensure people like Karen get the specialised support needed every day to learn to live independently again.

Imagine having your life turned upside down overnight? That’s what happened to Karen after a sudden stroke left her dependent on others to do the things she previously took for granted. Everyday things like: getting out of bed each morning, showering, preparing her own meals, getting herself to work… 

Seven years on, after much hard work and with the support from a highly trained team of Able Disability Support Workers, Karen has learnt to walk again. She is now cooking for herself and is finally regaining some of her lost independence.

This is the power of your gift.

Karen, and others like her, rely on your support to learn to live again.

Will you help us today

Your gift could:

  • Cover installation of handrails to improve safety and mobility around the home.
  • Provide transport and community access allowing clients to remain connected and active.
  • Go towards Disability Support Worker training to ensure the highest standard of care.

Please donate today to help Karen and clients like her to participate in life and reach their full potential. 

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