Deafblind Services

For nearly 50 years, Able Australia has specialised in the provision of comprehensive support services for people with multiple disabilities, including deafblindness.

We assist you to direct your own support because you have the right to exercise choice and control over the support you need to pursue the life goals and dreams. Our individualised, flexible support services are customised to meet your needs, as you are the most qualified to determine what you need to live a valued life.

Our Deafblind Services include:

  • Case management – supporting individuals and their families to access advice, information, resources, advocacy, referrals and establish links with the wider community
  • Communication skills development – developing communication systems that best suit your needs, including basic Auslan signs, deafblind finger spelling, tactile signing, print on palm and Braille
  • Community education – raising awareness of the issues surrounding deafblindness within the community and seeking additional funding for improved equipment and services
  • Behaviour management – helping individuals with behaviours of concern to achieve increased independence and greater participation/connection with the wider community
  • Counselling – a psychology and support service that enables individuals and their support to work together
  • Individual support – support with everyday needs such as shopping, banking, recreational leisure activities and attending appointments to encourage independence and community inclusion
  • Recreation programs – group recreational activities such as BBQs, ten pin bowling, holiday camps, social clubs and more
  • Ablelink – a unique facility that helps people with deafblindness communicate via computer and other electronic tools
  • Respite – opportunities to have a break for both individuals and those who support them

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