How We Are Funded

Approximately 82% of our income is sourced from State and Federal Governments which allows us to provide a diverse range of best practice support services to people with a disability (including deafblindness) and in community support programs around the country. The remaining 18% is derived from fundraising, bequests and other sources.

Our fundraising work is particularly important, as it provides the people we support with real choice over the type of special programs and events they engage with to help them live life their way – something government funding simply doesn’t allow for.

Approximately 80% donated to Able Australia goes directly to keeping those programs operating. The remaining 20% allows us to employ a team of specialist staff to ensure:

  • the donations we receive are appropriated correctly
  • the needs of those we support are met
  • our projects/events are delivered on time and under budget
  • our successes are communicated effectively both within and external to the organisation.  

In addition, this 20% helps us cover our annual administration/office costs and occasionally, engage a consultant with expertise in fundraising to ensure we continue to meet the expectations of our donors and the needs of those we support.  

We believe 80/20 is the right ratio for an organisation of our size as it allows us to successfully deliver and communicate our fundraising goals/achievements to the wider community without compromising the important work we do.