About the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most significant reforms in the history of the Disability Sector.

It effectively puts people with a disability and/or their families and carers in control of the services and support they need to achieve their life goals. By providing support funding directly to each participant, individuals can decide what services they receive and who provides them.

Importantly, the NDIS is an insurance-based system which provides all Australians with the security and peace of mind that if they or a loved one acquires a disability in their lifetime, there is a support system in place for them.

The NDIS can assist with most services and supports that are considered a reasonable and necessary part of a person’s life. This may include access to medical or educational specialists through to public housing or access to sporting and community activities.

NDIS funding is now available in the ACT, Tasmania and Melbourne’s North Eastern region. If you have a disability, are aged under 65 and live in one of these regions you may be eligible for NDIS support. You can find out more about how the NDIS can help you here.

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