Deafblind Information

Deafblind video resources

Able Australia has produced a number of video-based training and information videos to support people who are regularly working with the deafblind community to build their skills. 

Orientation and Mobility

Please click on the image below to discover how Orientation and Mobility training can transform lives in the deafblind community.

Accessing information

Please click on the image below to learn more about accessing information about you through Able Australia.


Freedom from Abuse

The video below will explain your right to live a life free from abuse.


Throughout the year, Able Australia produces many different publications to provide accessible, easy-to-understand information about the service we provide. Please click one of the links below to access the document you are looking for:

Deafblind Publications

Usher Syndrome Information Kit

This kit is designed to be used by different people including people with Usher Syndrome, families of children with Usher Syndrome and profess


Ageing and Dual Sensory Loss

Common causes of sensory impairments

Deafblind Communication Methods

The population of people with deafblindness is diverse due to wide variation in degrees of vision and hearing loss, and in some instances the prese

Deafblind Interpreting

The purpose of this brochure is to shine a light on the adjustments needed to be made when interpreting for a Deafblind person.

Able Australia DeafBlind Training Manual

Report: Telecommunications and Deafblind Australians

Able Australia Deafblind Resource Guide

The Deafblind Resource Guide aims to assist educators in understanding the training requirements of people with deafblindness and to enable deafbli