Leave a Legacy

What’s your legacy?

Thank you for considering leaving a gift in your Will to Able Australia, you will create a lasting legacy for the one in five Australians currently living with a disability. 

Leaving a gift is an important decision but it doesn't have to be complicated.

Here are the basics:

1. Make or update your Will

In all cases, the most important thing is your own peace of mind so we encourage you to take your time and discuss your Will with your legal advisor.

2.Your legacy your way

There are four easy ways to remember Able Australia in your Will.

  • You can leave a percentage of your estate. Just 2% or 5% can create a lasting legacy.
  • A residual gift simply refers to what is left of your estate once all your loved ones have been taken care of.
  • A pecuniary gift is when you leave an exact sum of money to us.
  • A specific gift, allows you to leave Able Australia an item of value such as property, art or a piece of jewellery.

All gifts will create a meaningful legacy in your name.

3.Suggested Wording

By ensuring that your bequest intentions are worded correctly, your Executors can ensure that your exact wishes are carried out in a timely manner.

You may wish to use the following wording:

“I bequeath to Able Australia (ABN 83 024 339 234), for its general purposes

[Choose and insert the appropriate statement from the list below]

1. the whole of my estate or

2. (insert number) percentage of my estate or

3. the residue of my estate or

4. the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash) or

5. my (insert name of asset)

free of all duties, for which an authorised receipt from Able Australia will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee."

4. Notify loved ones.

It is important to talk to your family and loved ones about your Will, to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. Let your family know that an enduring gift to Able Australia is important to you and advise any executors and guardians of your wishes.

5. Informing us of your decision

We would love to hear from you as this will allow us to thank you for your generosity.  We would also like to keep you updated on our activities and invite you to special events where you can hear more about the work being carried out by Able Australia. We do however recognise that the gift of a legacy is a personal decision that you may wish to keep to yourself.

Please be assured that we will handle your estate and wishes with care. All bequests remain strictly confidential unless express permission is given.

For a confidential discussion please contact our Fundraising team on 1300 220 602 or at fundraising@ableaustralia.org.au