Our Current Appeal

The right care will give Michael, who has severe disabilities, the best chance of achieving his potential. 

Michael really loves going to his Day Service.

Donna, the Program Leader at the Northern Day Service in Reservoir that Michael attends, says he literally bounds through the door each morning.

Michael is one very important reason why the Northern Day Service urgently needs to renovate and equip its new premises in Herbert Street in Northcote.

Why is a new building needed?

Well frankly, the current building - an old adapted house - has its limitations.

For a start there’s simply not enough space.

The corridors need to be wider to cater for wheelchairs and important areas like the kitchen and art and activities rooms need to be much larger.

Having a state of the art building will mean an even higher quality service for people like Michael.

And it will mean we can potentially double the number of people who can use our service.

Michael is just one of over 30 people living with severe or multiple disabilities who currently attend the Reservoir service.

Michael was born with Angelman’s Syndrome. It’s like a very serious case of autism, and can involve developmental delays, intellectual disability and ataxia (which means he can’t always control his movements.)

Since this young man has come into our care we are discovering that he may well have considerable, as yet unrealised, potential for communication.

That’s exciting.

Imagine if your adult child, who you may have thought would never be able to communicate, began using words and demonstrating an understanding of what you’re saying!

Our goal now is to help Michael rise to new levels of achievement that make him more independent and his life more fulfilling.

Some people think that there’s nothing that can be done for people with such severe disabilities and think that they just have to be looked after.

Able cares more than that.

A lot more.

We look beyond the obvious and look at what’s possible for every client, what they appear to enjoy and create goals around that.

We want them to be able to realise their potential and live the life they choose.

That's why it’s important to refurbish and equip the new building in Northcote for the service.

To do it we need to raise a further $166,000 by the end of December.

There are so many aspects of the new centre that will make things better for our clients - a new, much larger kitchen, a dedicated art and music room, a bigger activity room, consultation rooms for any visiting specialists, a sensory room …

If you are able to support the new Northcote service with a gift today you will be improving the lives of the more than 30 current participants, and the additional 30 we will be able to take on with a larger building.

Every one of these clients is important.

Every one of them deserves best practice care to live the life they choose.

Your gift today will help make that difference.