Community Participation: What Can I Do During The Day?

Social interaction and community engagement are essential parts of daily life which is why we offer a wide variety of one-to-one community access and group activities for people with a disability.

Each activity is individually designed to support people with physical, intellectual and sensory disabilities to remain socially connected to their local community while having plenty of fun along the way.

Our friendly staff are highly skilled in working with a diverse range of disabilities, including the special requirements that come with supporting people on the autism spectrum or those who experience mental health challenges.

Individual participation, choice and person-centred support are essential elements of our philosophy. We provide:

•       Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities

•       Group based community, social and recreational activities

•       Improved health and wellbeing

•       Individual or group skills development and training

•       Community participation and engagement activities

Getting involved

Each program or activity is designed to support each and every individual’s existing social and communication skills and needs through a range of high quality recreational, educational and therapeutic activities.  Current participants enjoy:

·         Participating in community programs and initiatives

·         Swimming, bowling

·         Communication and speech therapy

·         e-communication facilities

·         Art, craft and cooking

·         Music Therapy

·         Sensory therapies

·         Skill development programs,

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